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"My first 2 years of Referrals for Life provided such incredible results

that I felt I needed a break to apply the learning and then regroup.  Within

a few months I realised I needed to be re-engaged to keep my focus and

direction.  As an expert in business acumen this self realisation came as no

surprise to me.

 The intangibles, small steps and actions are often the keys to continual


 In Referrals for Life these intangible are continual learning,

accountability, immersion and community. I am happy to be back!"

 Shridhar Sampath




Shridhar Sampath

Dear Phil,

I would like to thank you for helping me out recently.

You are one person in my chapter who has been helping me out for 4 years now by providing referrals and whom I have a great relationship with both personally and as Veesham. I have been trying hard to give you referrals. Unfortunately, I just never seemed to meet the people you needed to meet and given I am office bound it seemed impossible I ever would.

I had a chat with you and asked how I could help because I was frustrated. I fundamentally believe in Giver Gain and needed to do something for you.

You told me what to do and how to do it. So I went away and applied it with the help of my wife Raakhi.

Within 1 week and with minimal effort I can proudly say I am walking into my chapter this week with 6 Referrals, all who have asked for you to call them because they have a need.

Not only is this the highest number of referrals I have ever given. I now have system I can use to help develop referrals for the other members I have been wishing to help.

I had heard you talk about generating referrals out of thin air and now I believe you.

Thank you.

Dheeraj Rupani, Managing Director
Vesham Printing Press

Testimonial for Certified Networker II

James Reynolds

Dear Dawn,

I joined the Referral for Life® program in Jan 2009 because I wanted to take my business to the next level. Initially I was a bit daunted by the financial commitment, but my ROI happened within 45 days of joining the program! That gave me even more incentive to immerse myself in all the great programs and support the course had to offer.

What developed from the curriculum was I realized I had more to learn about my business than I thought. Through all the wonderful programs like Certified Networker® I began to define my target market in a way that I never thought about in the 9 years I have been in business. The Behavioral Styles Program® allowed me to communicate with my clients, and fellow networkers by learning their behavioral styles. I almost feel like I am cheating because I am armed with a secret weapon they do not necessarily have. And what a concept Pipeline® is, educating 4 – 8 referral sources to help build my business. In reality Pipeline™ is a huge time saver to develop a solid sales force with minimum people with maximum results.

All of these programs, combined with the monthly coaching call with Dawn Lyons make referral marketing predictable and fun. From the beginning, Dawn with laser precision revealed my business weaknesses and with a year-long targeted plan she has helped me stay on track. Does she kick butt? Thankfully yes. But she does it with compassion knowing when to push me to step up my game, or when to pull back and allow me to catch up.

I have spent literally thousands of dollars on print advertising and gained nothing. The Referral for Life® program has cost a fraction of that and I have gained a lifestyle and a partnership for life in my business.

Thank you Dawn!

Kathleen Horvath
5 Elements Group - http://www.5elementsgroup.com/

“My return on investment cannot be quantified in monetary terms. The whole concept of Referrals for Life is about upgrading your business, your life, being clear on whom you are, what you do, how you give value to your customers and getting that message across to your referral partners successfully. So, have I gained financially? Of course! AND I have more confidence networking, higher quality contacts and a network that challenges me to be a better person and grow personally and professionally.”

Carol Talbot
Matrix Training Solutions

Dear Phil,

Thank you for your presentation. I would like to summarize the impact of your session for myself and our members.

Previously networkers would arrive at the event and either stick to who they knew or be intimidated by some groups. This stopped them from gaining the full, huge potential from the BBG events.

Since Phil spoke, I personally have learned how to approach different groups and people by recognizing their behavioral styles and adjusting my style to suit them. I also learned a lot about my own character and why sometimes I can feel uncomfortable in certain situations and more at ease in others. Just by transforming my thought process from what can I get from this person to what can I give them has made networking a pleasure.

Now I know how to get the best out of the BBG meetings and events.

I have expanded my network significantly which in time will lead me to more business and leads of a higher quality.

The BBG has seen networking event attendance increase over the last six months.

The feedback from the committee was very positive indeed.

Ben Goodman
Director Membership British Business Group

With the Certified Networker Program of the Referral Institute I discovered the effectiveness of a strategic networking plan, how to instill word of mouth that produces really hot referrals. Compared to a traditional strategy starting with marketing, creating classical leads and after some effort to create appointments with more or less skeptical people, speaking to decision makers already waiting for my call is much more productive and of course makes a lot more fun. What I value most about the approach delivered at the Certified Networker Program people see my conversations with them as valuable themselves – increasing the trustworthiness in the business relation. The approach is absolutely in line with the human relationship principles described by Dale Carnegie. At the same time the number of meetings with significant business opportunities per week has doubled at least and still is increasing.

Dr. Clemens Widhalm, CEO
Dale Carnegie Training Austria

Dear Phil,

Thank you very much for presenting such a fantastic /powerful course. It was a real eye opener. I have really appreciated knowing what my behaviour style is and using it to be more effective in my approach to my clients, friends and associates. It sure is a course NOT to be missed!!

Nita Maru LLB (Hons)
UK Principal Lawyer/Director

I attended Phil's 'Room Full of Referrals' Course and it helped me to understand the different types of personalities that exist. Being an accountant, I'm very detail and task driven and I've learnt that, surprisingly, not everyone is!

During the course the penny dropped and I feel I am now better at understanding why people react in a certain way which also helps me to manage their expectations better. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs to deal with people; be it staff, clients, family or friends.

Dee Tailor, Managing Director
Tailored Business Solutions

Before coming on this course, I had not been able to reach an agreement with a potential customer. While on the course, I realized my approach had been wrong for the type of person this was. As soon as I returned from the Room Full of Referrals, I modified my approach to take into account that this customer was a "Promoter." This immediately led to an agreement and resulted in AED 8000 worth of business to us.

Dr. Amanda Nimon Peters, Managing Director
Sara Black International

Dear Phil,

My second "Room Full of Referrals" proved to be even more enjoyable than the first, and my 'Natural Examiner' Style closely followed by my 'Nurturer' adaptive style is truly me.

The way you presented and explained the behavior styles to us was first class. I was inspired and I am currently tasking myself in ways to quickly assess individuals during negotiations and thereby adapt accordingly.

I believe every person dealing with others in business should attend Room full of Referrals, and I for one would not hesitate to recommend they do.

Peter C. Bray, Managing Director

Hi Phil.

I’d just like to say 'wow!'

The Referral Institute’s Room Full Of Referrals is perhaps the single most powerful networking tool since NLP for understanding the internal drivers that make people tick.

It’s simple, precise and easily transferable.

I am a promoter/go-getter and I know how to read everyone else’s "style" within seconds.

Within 3 hours, I was able to understand how to effectively enhance every communication and relationship because I had a better way of predicting how everyone will react.

You are an excellent trainer with an honest, easy going style which makes everyone loosen up and participate without worrying about being embarrassed.

Essential business training for the Credit Crunch era.

Please keep me on automatic signup for future Referral Institute events.

Dave Crane
Life Designer, Motivational Trainer, Speaker & Hypnotist

Dear Phil,

It was a golden opportunity to attend the Referral Success 101 workshop. Being a member with BNI for more than 3 years, I was a bit skeptical of the possible benefits that I can learn from the Referral Institute - beyond what I have already learned through BNI. However, I have found what I have got in terms of knowledge and experience about referral marketing was just the tip of the iceberg. I think it was a true eye-opener for me as a BNI member, and it was a total revelation for those who are not part of any Networking organization such as BNI.

Husam Jandel, Internet Business Consultant

Hi Phil – I know this has been a long time coming, but I do not give testimonials for the sake of it, only when I have witnessed great service or benefit.

I am now into week 10 of the Referral Institute Certified Networker Programme, and am delighted with the results so far. I can categorise my ROI in 3 areas as below;

1. Financially – I received business to twice the value of my initial investment in the programme, within 4 weeks

2. Personally – I am 46 years of age, and quite honestly thought of myself as a good networker, therefore somewhat sceptical of the possible benefits of the programme. I also almost convinced myself that I really did not have time to commit to the programme for the full 12 weeks. How wrong I was ! I now have a full kit of referral tools that I can use with ease and confidence, giving me absolute certainty that 95% of my future business will come from referral marketing

3. My referral partners – I have already generated in excess of AED 700,000 for my referral partners via other members of the CNP programme – the calibre of the delegates is so high that I am convinced that number will grow and grow.

I could not recommend the programme more highly for anybody who actually wants to learn how to achieve real success in referral marketing, as long as you are willing to adopt all that is taught.

I wish you every success with the programme Phil, I will certainly re-enrol on an annual basis to ensure I keep the learning fresh !

Peter Cowan
RealTime Learning

Hi Phil,
When I joined BNI eight months ago, my intention was to find some good business enquiries.

During this time I found the Referral Institute. I attended the Referral Success 101 seminar which completely changed my whole thinking about word of mouth marketing. As a result, I immediately signed up for the Certified Networker Program (CNP), despite my initial concern about investing in training during "economically challenged" times.

The CNP material is really powerful and using the tactics and procedures taught, it has helped me achieve my sales target for this year (2009) by mid April.

When everybody is talking of "recession," less work, loosing staff and less profitability we have already achieved our target and this has been our best year ever.

I just had to put this in writing so hopefully others will be able to benefit from this incredible program.

Aji George, Managing Director
Wizard Interiors

Dear All,
By the time you are reading this it may indeed be past Monday 2nd March’s BNI meeting for us Falconers. Perhaps for the more nocturnal members (or blackberry owners) you might be reading this in real time as it lands with you. Either way, the message is the same and the content, just as important.

As Education Coordinator I wanted to share with you a very recent and important finding of mine. What I have found is a real 'GEM,' Dubai’s newest best kept secret, and potentially life (and business) changing.

As briefly mentioned last week I had the pleasure of attending a seminar called 'Referral 101 Success.' A 2 hour, FREE OF CHARGE TO BNI MEMBERS, interactive seminar delivered by the inspiring Phil Bedford of the Referral Institute, which for those who don’t yet know is the sister company to BNI.

Please visit: www.referralinstitute-me.com for more information. In a very brief nutshell, The Referral Institute takes the concept (or concepts) of BNI and adds a dash of magic, it takes generating referrals to a WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL, to a 'higher level.'

BNI is GREAT! When executed correctly, it can be massively beneficial and can produce QUALITY referrals. However, more often than not, we only offer our fellow members services out to those who are 'already looking' for that particular service. This is known as a 'REACTIVE' referral.

Phil, at the 'Referral Institute' can help change the way you do business…..his techniques and practices help us to learn how to 'PRO-ACTIVELY,' or 'STRATEGICALLY' promote each others businesses and services resulting in more referrals and business for all concerned.

It is applicable not only to BNI, but also to every potential business contact that you might have.

I am NOT the expert in this. Phil is and I do not want to say more other than to encourage you ALL to attend the next Referral 101 Success seminar to see how this can help you grow your business further.

Please contact [email protected] for details of the next seminar and other related courses, and please see the attached flyer for more information.

Congratulations for being already in the know and in recognizing the power a referral can have.

Join me in taking it to the next level. Speak to you all in more detail tomorrow! Over and Out.

Rachael Garner, Education Coordinator
Apple Selection, Dubai Middle East